In response to the COVID pandemic, I will be offering a one day concentrated version of my CASO/Safety Manager course online, via Zoom. This course also satisfies the CAR's requirement that Operations Managers for 703 companies have a Company Aviation Safety Officer (CASO) course.

Topics covered during these two days are:

  • the need for safety management - the tendency for all organizations to drift towards the edge of safety
  • embedding safety values into the organizational culture
  • almost half of the course focuses on the process that leads from investigation to analysis and finally to corrective action
  • using risk management to target corrective action where it is needed, and to develop a vocabulary that allows safety to be considered in every decision
  • understanding quality assurance and how it fits into the overall SMS
  • tips and tricks for various challenges in managing the SMS and maintaining the required documentation

In addition, I can tailor the course for your organization. Many companies have brought me in to teach a variety of their employees the skills that are required for their role in the SMS. Some companies have trained all of their managers on their SMS and the manner they conduct investigation analysis and corrective action. I have also changed up the format, with the first day taught to a broad cross-section of the company, raising awareness of the purposes and processes of the SMS, while day 2 was for supervisors and managers, focusing on specific skills required for these individuals. Give me a call to discuss what training is right for your organization.