You lower the nose, bring the throttle back, and turn the aircraft around. You explain to the passengers that there is a slight problem with an indicator and that you want to return to have it checked out. You transmit your intentions on the mandatory frequency (MF). When you look at the oil temperature again, you see that it has gone down quickly and is already back to a normal indication. The boss’s wife, who is the company’s un-official dispatcher, is on the radio frequency demanding to know why you are returning. You explain what was happening and she tells you that it is probably just an over-sensitive gauge and to carry on with the flight. What do you do?

Since she is “management” and has been around for a long time, you feel that you should comply with her directions. You were never really sure that there was a problem and when the temperatures came back down, you felt a little foolish returning anyway. So you turn around and start the climb again, while explaining to the passengers that everything was back to normal.

Since she is neither a pilot nor a mechanic, you do not feel that her opinion should impact your decision. Since you are now within 5 min of the airport, you decide to carry on with the landing, just to make sure that everything is normal.