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Gerry Binnema

Gerry is a dynamic and engaging speaker, but look for more than just entertainment from him.  His strong academics and work experience will provide you with solid information and skilled facilitation.  As a lifelong learner, he has earned a Bachelor’s degree from Trinity Western University and a Master’s Degree in System Safety from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.  Additionally, he has availed himself of any opportunity to learn and has taken courses on facilitation, communication, and conflict resolution.  In 2005, he traveled to Lund University in Sweden to study at a post graduate level with Dr. Sydney Dekker, author of “The Field Guide to Human Error Investigations.”

You can trust Gerry to effectively lead your workshop as he has led countless workshops as a Safety Officer with Transport Canada (TC).  He helped develop the Crew Resource Management workshop and the Pilot Decision Making workshop offered by TC.  He also helped develop systemic tools for System Safety at TC and was then part of the team that designed and delivered training for the new tools.

If you want to implement new systems in your organization, Gerry has the experience to help you.  He was a key part of the team that implemented the risk management processes into everyday use at Transport Canada and trained most of the Pacific Region inspectors. Today, risk management terminology is part of their vocabulary.  When there were complex critical aviation safety decisions to be made, Gerry was the one on whom managers relied to facilitate a group through the risk management process.  Gerry implemented a Safety Management System for a small Christian mission organization in Saharan Africa.

Gerry is a trained and experienced facilitator and has faced the challenge of numerous high stakes meetings. He is also a trained facilitator for the Strength Deployment Inventory, and Human Synergistic’s team synergy tools.  His calm, personable style helps defuse conflict, and keeps everyone’s attention focused on the issues at hand.

Gerry also has extensive experience in occurrence investigation.  As an investigator with the Transportation Safety Board, Gerry was a Board approved investigator, and led or participated in over 40 investigations.  At TC, Gerry was appointed as the Minister’s Observer for over 60 investigations, helping to identify critical issues for the department, and advocating for change.  This experience, combined with his education, helps Gerry zero in on systemic safety issues at an organization.  In addition he has the ability to identify systems or tools that will mitigate the issues.

Gerry is the co-author of "Managing Risk; Best Practices for Pilots." He has an Airline Transport Pilot License, an Aircraft Maintenance Engineers license, a Class 1 flight instructor rating, an instrument rating, seaplane rating, glider pilot license, and glider instructor rating.