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 If your organization needs development in any of the areas described below, contact us for a quote.  In addition, the CASO / Safety Officer course is available as a public offering, in Richmond, BC, twice a year.  But this course can be tailored for your company and offered in house.  

Human and Organizational Factors

Several Human and Organizational Factor workshops are available, dealing with the specific issues of Human Performance in Aircraft Maintenance, Pilot Decision Making, and Crew Resource Management. A workshop can be tailored for your specific needs. These workshops are aimed at raising awareness of our personal responsibility for safety.  The human factors that can lead to an occurrence are discussed and practical tools for reducing the risks are taught.  Workshop topics would include stress management, fatigue management, decision-making biases and traps, situational risk factors, as well as organizational behaviour.  Participants will emerge with a much clearer picture of how accidents happen and how to avoid the traps that people fall into.

Risk Management

Nothing in life is guaranteed, so any decision or action carries risk.  How do we know when the risk is justified?  This workshop introduces the vocabulary and concepts of risk management.  But this would be incomplete without a process to put the ideas into action.  We will help customize a risk management process for your organization and train your key people on its use. 

Safety Management Systems

This workshop can be offered as a stand-alone to managers.  It would provide the background and concepts for Safety Management Systems so that managers could understand the organizational factors that make such a system necessary.  With this background participants would be provided with the tools to design and implement the systems in their organization.

More commonly this workshop would be offered as training to all staff and managers on the concepts and benefits of a safety management system.  This training would be provided to the staff after such a system was designed and tailored for your organization.  All staff and managers would be trained on their role within the system so that it could be quickly and fully implemented. 

Communication (Team Building)

Communication is not just about picking the right words, or listening carefully. There is a whole range of issues involved in communicating effectively, from personality to expectations to ego. How do we sort through all these issues to make sure our communication is clear? It starts with a broad understanding of the challenges with communication, and then moves to specific strategies we can use to ensure that we are being understood. Every environment will be different, so this workshop will be tailored to your environment and specific needs. Often, communication can be strengthened by a team building exercise such as the Strength Deployment Inventory; a fun way to learn about each other, and develop communication and conflict resolution skills at the same time.