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This workshop is aimed at helping those individuals tasked with managing the various processes that make up the safety management system. The course will cover all the required elements of the CASO course but will obviously do so from the perspective of the SMS regulations as well.

In addition to the public offering listed below, this course can be delivered in house, customized to your specific needs. One popular way to deliver the training is to offer the first day to a wide number of employees, for background and understanding of safety management, and the second day is offered to managers, for specific training on managing the components of your specific SMS.

This workshop will be beneficial for people who are carrying out the responsibilities of the safety manager in a company and will meet the requirements of CAR 705.153, 573.06(8) and 302.505 for training for the safety manager. This course will also be of interest to any operations managers that require the CASO course to meet the requirements of CAR 723.07.

This is not an SMS course, but is designed to teach the skills required to manage an SMS. It will be offered several times a year and can be brought to your area if there are several people interested in attending. The cost is $550 plus GST.

Scheduled Course Dates

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March 19 and 20, 2018

Pitt Meadows, BC